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IncuBus London Press release

IncuBus London Press release
Thursday 23 April 2015

IncuBus London is a startup incubator helping entrepreneurs get their startups ready for the best accelerators.

The IncuBus London programme lasts 12 weeks and costs £1,800 inc. VAT (£1,500 exc. VAT). There is also a one month option available at £720 inc. VAT (£600 exc. VAT).

Each programme is made up of 6 core areas to offer entrepreneurs the best chance of getting accepted onto the best accelerators.

The 6 core areas are Leadership, Validation, Team, Traction, Fit and Legal Review. This programme focus ensures the startups leave with a solid business foundation and a team capable of inspiring and managing further growth.

IncuBus London work with accelerators who can help their teams get to the next level via their accelerator programmes and funding.

IncuBus London are based next to the vibrant and historic Camden Lock, on a classic double decker London Bus. It has been renovated into a high tech office space complete with 15 desks, 2 meeting rooms, fast wifi, plugs and a heating/cooling system.

The work space and meeting rooms are available during the day for entrepreneurs who are accepted onto the IncuBus London programmes. The bus plays host to all the workshops and training sessions, as well as mentor mornings and events.

On a day to day basis the bus is parked up in Camden, but does occasionally move to events. Reasons for being based on a bus include:

Flexibility - Being able to take our entrepreneurs to events and have a large presence. As well as being able to move to a new location easily if needed. Thus keeping rents low and being able to follow demand.

Memorability – It stands out and people remember it. It’s different and people want to be a part of it or learn more about it.

Additional revenue channels – The bus attracts a lot of attention where it is parked as well as when attending events. With bus banner on the sides and windows advertisers and sponsors have the opportunity to get in front of a large engaged audience. The space is also a quirky place to rent out for events when not in use by our teams.


Founded in 2013 by ex employees Rishi Chowdhury and George Johnston, IncuBus London is the first in a line of incubators being built to accommodate early stage support for inexperienced founders. Keen to see more startups succeed, Rishi & George ensure leadership is key part of the programme. Much of a business’s success comes down to the founding team; the personal development skills gained on the IncuBus London programme will help inside an outside of work. Skills they gain for life.


Press contact:

Rishi Chowdhury – Co founder





For a full list of what’s included in the IncuBus London programme visit:

For images of the bus visit:

To learn more about the IncuBus journey from idea to reality visit:

To learn more about Camden Market’s role please contact:

The founders LinkedIn profiles:

Rishi Chowdhury

George Johnston


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